This is the Sri Chakra considered as the best in the world with super power by our ancient siddhas. It is in the solid form with 43 triangles. By using it you get many benefits. Crystals have more Vibrations than Nava Rathna Gems. All our sasthras say that you get more benefits by using Crystal Maha Meru than using gold, silver and other panchalogas. In electricity we get vibrations of 50 cycles. But in crystals we get vibrations to the tune of 32,786 cycles. The Prarthanas before Mahameru gets fulfilled faster by 100 times. It is available from 15 gms to 40 gms. Price INR Rs.250/- to 1600 OR (US $ 6.25 to 40)

Pyramids made from Spadigam crystals do many wonderful things. Pencil Crystal has six sides on its body and six triangles at the tip. Below it has flat surface. By keeping this in our hand it fulfils our good and genuine demands. We can keep it in our pocket. The vibrations emitted from this give power to the magnetic power coming from our body. Our mind vibrations get strengthend. We can get all our delayed work, and disturbed work done freely and victoriously. We can avoid accidents by using it.

Price INR Rs. 30/-OR (US $ 1.00)

1. PENCIL CRYSTAL INR Rs. 30/-OR (US $ 1.00)

2. CRYSTAL PENDULUM INR Rs. 120/-OR (US $ 3.00)

3. CRYSTAL MALA INR Rs. 200/- to Rs. 250/-OR (US $ 5.00 to 6.25)

5. CRYSTAL VINAYAGAR INR Rs.150/- to Rs.350/- (per gm Rs.10/-) OR (US $ 3.75 to 8.75)

6. CRYSTAL MAHAMERU INR Rs.250/- to Rs.700/- (per gm Rs.25/-) OR (US $ 6.25 to 17.50)

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